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Breast Agmentation Plastic Surgery Procedure

Breast augmentation surgery, also known as Breast Augs in Montreal, is one of the most common surgical cosmetic procedures that I perform in my private clinic at Nuns Island, Montreal.

It is hard to believe that a simple act of placing a set of breast implants can enhance female appearance significantly!

From my perspective, one of the most common things that most women discuss about breast augmentation is the size. While this is of course extremely important, to me as a plastic surgeon it is probably of secondary importance. Breasts augmentation plastic surgery to most women is about making the breast look bigger. To me, it does a lot more than that. I look at breast surgery as a way to create not only an ideal size or breast for that particular woman, but also to enhance the more natural look of the form of breasts proportionally beautiful to the rest of the body!

A nicely performed breast implant surgery, should take into consideration, the shape of the chest, as well as the overall shape and height of the female patient. It should complement the body rather than just simply creating a big breast because we often see many women presented with simply big breast following breast implant surgery!

First of all a surgery used to create a beautifully shaped breast which in turn should enhance the upper body of the woman, which is turn should enhance an overall nicely shaped body. After all, this is the most unique and distinctly attractive and sensual part of the female body. Some women who are long and lean and thin, will look extremely good with a proportionate enlargement with a breast that’s enhances the elongated look. Simply giving them a large rounder breast may not be the ideal. Vice versa, patients who are already fairly short may not feel satisfied, if you simply widen the upper chest by giving them too much side boob, which will make them look shorter.

woman in bra
  • Procedure time: 1-2 hours
  • Downtime required: 3 – 7 days (varies according to size and placement of implants Results duration: long lasting, may need repeat of surgery after 8 – 10 years
  • Costs: Depending on the implant used and additions to breast enlargement procedure
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