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Gluteoplasty ( Buttock Lift )

Often as a result of massive weight loss caused by a surgery, or simply from the loss of elasticity that comes with ageing, many people find that their buttocks have begun to visibly sag, affecting not only their appearance but also how comfortable they are in certain items of clothing. It is in these cases that a procedure referred to as gluteoplasty can be of use.

A properly performed buttocks lift prioritises natural appearance and shape, aiming to seamlessly blend your buttocks’ new shape into your natural anatomy. Dr Ali Izadpanah aims in every procedure to create the most natural and youthful look possible, avoiding the over operated look that can result from less subtle augmentations. With clinic in Montreal people from general Montreal area can get the support they need when looking to enhance and sculpt their lower body.


Buttocks lift techniques

Colloquially referred to as a butt lift, gluteoplasty can be performed with a variety of techniques, helping a diverse range of patients achieve their goals:

1. Fat transplantation or liposuction and reinjecting fat into buttocks (fat crafting)

Also referred to as lipoinjection, this involves the transplant of fat from other parts of the body such as the hips, thighs or back into the buttocks. This has the dual effect of not only enhancing the size of the buttocks, but also giving it greater prominence by reducing the size of surrounding elements. Scarring is minimal as the fat is injected using a fine gauge cannula through a short and narrow incision. While the body may resorb some of the injected fat that may require additional treatments, many patients report a significant aesthetic improvement after lipoinjection.

2. Body contouring

Where the other technique involve adding volume to the buttocks, body contouring sculpts and lifts. Here the goal is to minimize sagging through the removal of excess skin and fat, resulting in a perter, more rounded and youthful appearance. Here the surgeon rearranges muscle and fat tissue that may have taken on an undesirable shape. Useful for both patients having undergone massive weight loss and those with naturally flat, under-projected buttocks, body contouring helps to give your buttocks a natural curvature.


Dr Ali Izadpanah clinic in Montreal helps people across Montreal and surrounding region to achieve their unique aesthetic goals. Book an initial consultation with us today to explore your options.

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