Liposuction effectively reduces stubborn bulges that are resistant to diet and exercise alone. Its main goal is to enhance body contours and proportions by removing excess fat deposits.
At his practice in Montreal, Doctor Ali, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon, utilizes tumescent liposuction to sculpt areas of the face and body. These include the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, hips, breasts, back, arms, and neck. Liposuction is particularly beneficial for patients who are close to their ideal weight but struggle with stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to natural elimination methods.

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Surgical Technique

During liposuction, a sterile solution is injected into targeted fatty areas. This solution contains anesthetic to reduce pain and epinephrine to minimize bleeding and bruising. Using small incisions, a thin tube called a cannula is then used to suction out the excess fat. These incisions are usually less than a quarter-inch long and strategically placed in natural skin folds and creases to minimize visible scarring.


Recovery following liposuction typically spans 5-7 days. Patients are advised to wear a compression garment for the initial 6 weeks post-surgery to minimize swelling and bruising, and to aid in the proper healing of underlying tissues. Doctor Ali will provide detailed recovery instructions and recommendations during the consultation and before the patient's discharge.
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Tumescent Lipo?
Skin Elasticity?
Persistent Results?

Tumescent Lipo?

In tumescent liposuction, a solution infused with anesthetic and medications is injected into the targeted areas. This causes the fat to swell, facilitating easier sculpting to achieve desired contours. The solution also reduces blood flow, minimizing bleeding and bruising during the procedure. Patients benefit from the pain-relieving effects of the anesthetic in the solution, ensuring a more comfortable recovery period within the first 18-24 hours following their procedure.

Skin Elasticity?

Because liposuction solely targets fat removal, it does not address excess skin. Patients with good skin elasticity typically achieve optimal results. However, if skin laxity or sagging is present, a lift surgery may be recommended in conjunction with liposuction for optimal outcomes.

Persistent Results?

Although liposuction permanently removes fat cells from targeted areas, maintaining a healthy and stable weight through balanced diet and regular exercise is crucial post-surgery. If patients do not adhere to these lifestyle practices, remaining fat cells can enlarge, potentially leading to weight gain over time.

Dr. Ali Izadpanah, 
Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ali Izadpanah, a renowned triple board-certified plastic surgeon based in Montreal, is celebrated for his unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional patient care.
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