Thigh Lift

Excess skin on the inner and outer thighs can arise from significant weight loss, natural aging, genetics, or other factors. This loose, sagging skin can be effectively addressed through a thigh lift surgery, medically termed as thighplasty.
At his practice in Houston, triple board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali specializes in thigh lifts to eliminate excess skin from both the inner and outer thighs, providing smooth, slender legs that harmonize with your lower body. In certain instances, liposuction may also be incorporated, particularly targeting stubborn fat deposits in the inner thighs to enhance the overall outcome.

Surgical Technique

A medial thigh lift enhances the appearance of sagging inner thighs, restoring a firmer and more proportionate look. The placement of the incision in this procedure varies based on the amount of excess skin and fat to be addressed. For patients with moderate excess skin, the incision is typically placed in the groin fold. In cases where there is more significant excess tissue, an incision along the length of the inner thigh may be necessary.
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Following the thigh lift procedure, the treated area will be dressed in surgical dressings, and a compression garment may be recommended to aid in healing. Patients can expect bruising, swelling, and mild discomfort during the initial 2 weeks post-surgery, after which they may gradually resume light activities. It is advised to refrain from strenuous activities such as heavy lifting and running until 6-8 weeks after surgery.


Best Candidates?
Inner or Outer Lift?
Lift and Lipo?

Best Candidates?

Many candidates for thigh lift surgery have one of the following concerns:

  • Loose, sagging skin on the inner or outer thighs
  • Thighs that are disproportionate to the rest of the body
  • Tight clothes do not fit your legs
  • Insecurities about the appearance of your legs

Inner or Outer Lift?

Most patients will need either an inner thigh lift or an outer thigh lift, but in some cases, both may be performed. In these cases, a lower body lift is usually considered to improve the contours and proportions of your hips, stomach, and legs.

Lift and Lipo?

A thigh lift surgery aims to eliminate excess skin and minor fat deposits, though additional extensive liposuction can be incorporated based on the patient's requirements. During the consultation, Dr. Ali will address the patient's concerns and goals, collaborating to devise an optimal treatment strategy.

Dr. Ali Izadpanah, 
Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ali Izadpanah, a renowned triple board-certified plastic surgeon based in Montreal, is celebrated for his unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional patient care.
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