Dr. Ali Elite Care

One of the key elements Dr. Ali's practice is renowned for is our Elite Signature Care. While many surgeons act merely as technicians, we've developed a unique surgical experience and specialized care.
Dr. Ali Izadpanah offers his patients a unique surgical experience by providing continuous, hands-on post-operative care to ensure comfort, convenience, and reassurance from start to finish. His patient coordinators assist with education and planning, while his surgical coordinator handles preoperative medical planning, clearances, and coordination with the anesthesiology team. He has refined aesthetic surgical care, offering concierge-style post-operative care with an overnight recovery suite and a registered nurse, home healthcare visits from his specialized staff, and closely monitored post-operative care for 6-8 weeks with his board-certified physician assistant. Over the years, our patients have come to expect a "level up" luxury care, and we have continuously refined our services to meet these expectations.
We specialize in aesthetic surgery, offering exceptional experiences and quality. Our goal is to create enduring value in both our results and our patients’ experiences. We strive to satisfy the needs and tastes of our discerning patients and elevate the delivery of our care, aiming to become the world’s premier luxury plastic surgery experience.

Our greatest asset and key to success are our people. Every member of our staff takes pride and finds satisfaction in our work — because meeting your needs depends on the united efforts of all of us. We work together to provide the best experience anyone can offer.

"Elevate" Care

Dr. Ali Elite Care includes:
  • Pre-op education and preparation for both the patient and caregiver
  • Provision of a surgical prep bag, which includes pre- and post-op prep vitamins, bandages, garments, instructions, skincare products for incisions, eye care, and everything needed for your prep and recovery (except prescription medicines)
  • Surgical coordinator who will orchestrate pre-operative medical planning, medical clearances, and coordination with our anesthesiology team
  • All anesthesiologists are board-certified 
  • Post-op checkup calls that begin the day following surgery
  • Personalized post-surgical medical assistant visits at your home or hotel
  • Weekday/weekend access via phone, text, photo, and/or video chat for medical emergencies.  
  • Post-operative care specific to each surgery that includes special healing applications, red light therapy for bruising and circulation, InMode’s new Evoke facial radiofrequency to soften tissues when necessary, post-op lymphatic massage when necessary, guidance for post-operative skin care, and personalized care beyond
  • “Back door” entry for patients who desire anonymity

Dr. Ali Izadpanah, 
Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ali Izadpanah, a renowned triple board-certified plastic surgeon based in Montreal, is celebrated for his unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional patient care.
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