Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) in Montreal, QC

At his Montreal office, triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali performs ear surgery (otoplasty) to restore balance and proportion to the ears in relation to the rest of the face. This procedure can significantly improve the patient's emotional well-being.

What is Otoplasty?

Protruding or disproportionately large ears can disrupt facial harmony and lead to feelings of self-consciousness. Otoplasty, or ear pinning surgery, addresses these concerns by reshaping and repositioning the ears, correcting their size, projection, and overall appearance by adjusting bone and cartilage.

This procedure is suitable for both adults and children as young as 5 years old. In children, otoplasty can be transformative, preventing teasing and boosting self-esteem. For adults, it restores facial symmetry and enhances overall facial aesthetics. Otoplasty boasts high patient satisfaction rates and can be combined with other procedures like rhinoplasty, facelift, or chin and cheek augmentation for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

What are the Benefits of Ear Surgery?

Ear surgery, commonly performed on both children and adults, aims to correct the appearance of protruding ears. This procedure is especially beneficial for children, addressing emotional challenges often associated with teasing due to ear appearance.
Our Montreal otoplasty may include:
  • Re-shaping the ears
  • Altering the position of one or both ears
  • Pinning the ears back
  • Repairing earlobes

Why is ear surgery important?

For many individuals, particularly children and teenagers, dissatisfaction with their ears can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and a desire to conceal them. Teasing and insecurity about ear appearance can significantly impact emotional well-being and daily life. Ear surgery offers these individuals renewed confidence and can markedly enhance their overall quality of life.

Dr. Ali's surgical technique for otoplasty

The approach taken during your Montreal ear surgery will be tailored to the patient's age and specific aesthetic needs. Younger patients typically have softer cartilage, allowing for reshaping using splints. For adults with firmer cartilage, Dr. Ali may need to adjust the shape by repositioning or removing cartilage through a small incision. Detailed discussions about ear pinning, earlobe repair, and other ear procedures will occur during your consultation.


Most of our Montreal otoplasty patients can resume work or school within 1 to 2 weeks post-surgery. During this period, it's advised to refrain from engaging in exercise, sports, or other strenuous activities.

Dr. Ali will provide detailed post-operative care instructions tailored to your specific ear surgery both prior to the procedure and before your discharge.

After surgery, bandages or an ear bolster may be applied to the ears for several days to aid in swelling reduction, promote healing, and protect the area. It is crucial that these dressings remain in place until your follow-up appointment at our office.
It's essential to avoid placing pressure on the ears during the recovery period, which means refraining from sleeping on your sides.

Temporary discomfort, itchiness, swelling, numbness, and tenderness in the area are common side effects following otoplasty.

For pediatric patients, scheduling surgery during summer or winter breaks allows ample healing time without disrupting school attendance.

Parents should supervise their child to prevent scratching or touching the treated area, emphasizing the importance of avoiding pressure and contact with the ears during recovery for optimal results.


Final outcomes generally become evident within approximately three weeks. Following ear surgery, the results are typically long-lasting. However, in rare instances, trauma or an accident could affect the shape or symmetry of the ears post-surgery, potentially necessitating a subsequent procedure for correction.

Candidates for Ear Surgery

If you’re in the Houston area and are considering undergoing ear surgery yourself or for your child, you or they may be an excellent candidate for the procedure. The best ear surgery candidates:
  • Are over the age of five
  • Have ears that are overly large, protrude from the head, or are misshapen
  • Are in good general health 
  • Are non-smokers 
  • Have realistic expectations of what ear surgery can accomplish


What is the best age to undergo ear surgery?
Can Dr. Ali repair my earlobes?

What is the best age to undergo ear surgery?

Ear surgery is a great option for anyone whose ears have reached full size, which is usually around age 5 to 6 years old.

Can Dr. Ali repair my earlobes?

Dr. Ali offers earlobe repair either as part of ear surgery or as a separate procedure to address issues like tears, stretching, or low positioning of the earlobes. During your initial consultation, Dr. Ali will assess your condition and discuss the appropriate repair options tailored to your needs.

Dr. Ali Izadpanah, 
Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ali Izadpanah, a renowned triple board-certified plastic surgeon based in Montreal, is celebrated for his unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional patient care.
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