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Dr. Izadpanah is a great surgeon. He is very talented. He managed to correct a long-standing problem with my breasts where another surgeon had done a very poor surgery. I am so happy with my new breasts. Thank you so much! Isabelle

Very professional. Approachable. Took time to listen. Very pleasant. He was very delicate and attentive. Overal, great bed-side manners.

Excellent. Treated me to avoid surgery. Very pleasant and always with a comforting smile. Thanks

I consulted Dr. Izadpanah because of tingling and numbness in my right hand and wrist. He performed "magic" in solving my problem with a cortisone injection. More than that, Dr. Izadpanah is extremely devoted to his work, was SO kind and generous of himself in helping me solve this issue. Merci, merci, merci!

Dr Izadpanah is very competant , kind and cortious doctor , I am very satisfied with the results and gladly recommend him ,

Amazing doctor and surgeon. Very knowledgable . I am so happy with the results of my facelift.. Thank you... Highly recommended.

Great consult for my breast lift procedure.

Amanda Rodriguez

Dr. Ali, thanks for rhinoplasty! Very welcoming staff at your private clinic, your consultation was great!

Luc Perreault

Thank you for your consultation about the possibility of my rhinoplasty, very professional.

Christopher Robertson

Dr izadpanah was so professional, compassionate and really took the time to understand my needs and expectations. I could not be happier with the results of my surgery. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a skillful and caring plastic surgeon.

Very talented and knowledgeable surgeon. Always in great mood and pleasant. Dr. Isadpanah is a great surgeon that was able to help me return to my work and life. Not only he treated my long-standing wrist problem, but he also kindly accepted to see my friend who has been strugling with a bad scaphoid fracture and is now almost pain free. Thank you so much.

Dr Ali is THE BEST! He always takes time to sit with you at every appointment and talk through what you want to do and provides his recommendation without ever trying to upsell you. I've consistently had Botox and filler done with Dr. Ali Izadpanah, and have loved the natural look so much - my friends have noticed too, and started going to see him as well!

Natalie Fagan

Great surgeon. Highly recommended. After a breast cancer, he made me feel like a woman again. Thanks you so much!

So nice guy, thanks for everything. He took time with me to explain the surgery. I felt in good hands. Merci encore. Nicolas

Great surgeon. Talented. My recovery was very fast with great results

Had my facial fillers and botox. He did a phenomenal job! My face looks so much younger. I am so happy with the results... Thank you so much Dr. Izadpanah. Highly recommended.

Thank you Dr. Izadpanah. My surgery went very well. I have symmetrical breasts now.. Thanks to you. It has been less than 2 months and I can already see the scar being barely noticeable. I would highly recommend him. Very friendly... Explains thoroughly! Thank you

I am so glad that I med Dr. Izadpanah. He has managed to change my face to a version of me, 15 years younger with just injections. Thank you

I saw Dr, Izadpanah for my wrist pain. I highly recommend him. He explained my problem very well to me. I had my vascularized bone graft for my old scaphoid fracture which was giving me problems for many years with a non-sucessful surgery in the past. Highly recommended. Thank you Dr. Izadpanah

Thank you dr. Izadpanah. Very nice. Great work and great surgeon. Very happy with my surgery. As said, you are in good hand with him. Thank you

He is as kind and patient as he is gorgeous. Pictures do not do him justice!! Highly recommended!

Tr?s comp?tent chirurgien. hautement recommand?. Tr?s professionnel.

Excellent surgeon and extremely talented. I couldn't be happier with the way I was treated by all the staff. His operation was flawless. I was referred to Dr. Izadpanah by another plastic surgeon who basically told me that my hand is doomed . Dr. Izadpanah fixed a long standing issue and I can finally play the piano. Thank you again

Dr. Izadpanah is an EXCELLENT surgeon. He is very attentive, reassuring but also very honest. He kept me informed of certain risks in my breast reduction that no other surgeon had informed me. Very perfectionist in his work. He did a miracle!

Elizabeth Huberdeau

Amazing surgeon. So happy with my lower body lift. Thank you so so much Dr Izadpanah

Dr Ali Izadpanah is such a nice doctor, my first surgery ever was yesterday. I was scared and shaking, But the doctor knows how to deal with clients like me. Aside from his cuteness, he's very kind and respectful doctor. Thank you. Highly recommended.

Thank you Dr. Izadpanah for your injections. I am so happy with my tear trough

Dr Izadpanah a su me mettre en confiance dès le début. Il est un excellent chirurgien et l’abdominoplastie circulaire qu’il m’a faite était parfaite. Il est très compétent et à la fine pointe de la technologie dans son domaine. Son grand sens de l’esthétique paraît dans la beauté des résultats. Aussi, Dr Izadpanah était très disponible pour faire le suivi post-opératoire et répondre à toutes mes questions. Il est enthousiaste et tenait vraiment à cœur le bon déroulement de tout le processus. Je le recommande fortement, merci pour tout!

Amazing doctor. I just did my Hymenoplasty with him and he was so curious during the procedure; even though it was very uncomfortable situation. He made me feel very at ease. Thank you Dr. Izadpanah

Thank you Dr. Izadpanah. I love my eyelids and botox.

Very knowledgeable. Available at all times. Pleasant and patient. Thoroughly explained the procedure and the events after surgery. I had seen many other surgeons and felt very comfortable and confident with him. After only couple of months the scar is healing very nice. I love my new belly. Would highly recommend. ++++++

Very professional. Approachable. Took time to listen. Very pleasant. He was very delicate and attentive. Overal, great bed-side manners.

Compassionate professional saved my face and my life a true artist thank you for your outstanding care

Great. Very happy with my results. I love my new eye lids. Thank you Dr. Izadpanah for being there for me.


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